About us

We are High Coast Invest, the official investment promotion agency for Västernorrland, located in the Mid Sweden area. As part of the regional organization BizMaker, we work to create a Västernorrland within the planet’s boundaries where nature, people, and businesses can thrive.


A regional partner for innovation, entrepreneurship and attraction

With a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and attraction, BizMaker work to shape the future of Västernorrland. We do this by making sustainable solutions succeed, creating conditions for a circular economy, and helping today’s companies transform their business models for a better tomorrow.

High Coast Invest is an establishment promotion business area within BizMaker. Our purpose is to promote sustainable establishments in our region. Establishments that will generate growth but also contribute to the local ecosystem and the region’s development and attractiveness.

By being a part of BizMaker, we have the opportunity to help you with business development, ensuring your establishment will be as successful as possible.

news article

A unique structure for business promotion

In January of 2023, politicians in Västernorrland decided to establish a unified business promotion organization to enhance regional growth services. This new entity integrates business incubation, science parks, and foreign establishment promotion under the brands BizMaker and High Coast Invest. The new organization aims to boost coordination, cooperation, and resource efficiency, strengthening the local ecosystem and positioning Västernorrland on the global stage.

Investor services

Looking to establish a new business?

If you have your eye on the Swedish High Coast for your next business venture, we look forward to assisting you with practical solutions as well as helping you conduct relevant research to analyze and survey your opportunities. Our advice and help is always free of charge!