Are you working on renewable materials, biobased chemicals or other new green technologies? Welcome to our region, where centuries of forestry and the latest research form a rich soil for tomorrow’s ideas. Follow industry leaders such as SCA and Mondi to take advantage of a bioeconomy cluster fueled by research and innovation. 

The forest industry of Sweden


Sweden is the 3rd largest exporter of pulp, paper & sawn timber in the world.


billion euros is the export value of the Swedish forest industry.


of the forest products on the global export market are Swedish.


billion euros has been invested in the High Coast region by forestry companies during the last few years.

From historic timberlands to bioeconomy innovation hub

Through centuries of accumulated knowledge and practice, Västernorrland have perfected the art of sustainable forest management. The timber harvested from these forests has not only built the local cities but also reached across seas to Europe, marking the global impact of Västernorrland’s forestry sector. 

Today, this tradition continues to evolve, addressing both modern ecological and economic needs. Västernorrland remains at the forefront of forestry innovation, hosting leading businesses such as SCA, Mondi, and Valmet, along with prominent research centers and universities like Processum Biorefinery Cluster and Mid Sweden University. These are actors committed to the ambitious goal of replacing oil-based products with those derived from wood, leveraging the natural abundance and sustainability of forest resources. 

With a rich tradition in forestry and pioneering new business practices, Västernorrland offers great opportunities for those aiming to succeed in the emerging bioeconomy. 

Welcome to the region where industry runs on clean energy and breathes fresh air. Combining a deep industrial tradition, accessible natural resources and a strategic location, our business region is a top location for bio-based investments.

Leading R&D areas

New Cellulosic Materials

Bio-based Fuels & Chemicals

Smart Paper

Process Technology


A leading force in the forestry and hygiene industries

Founded in Sundsvall, SCA has grown into a global corporation with a significant presence in both the forestry and hygiene sectors. With a history spanning almost a century, SCA has established itself as a key player in these industries, known for its innovative products and responsible practices. 

One of their biggest undertakings in recent years is Östrand’s pulp factory in the High Coast. Besides being one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden of all time it is also the largest production line for bleached pine sulfate pulp in the world. 

The investment has enabled the factory to use the latest technology to minimize emissions to air and water. The new plant is a leader in resource management and will generate an energy surplus that is sold in the form of green electricity and district heating. Customers will be offered both TCF (completely chlorine-free) and ECF (elemental chlorine free), making it a high-grade product in terms of quality, environment and competitiveness. 


Fostering tomorrow’s forestry leaders

The Forest Business Accelerator helps promising startups with a forestry connection to quickly scale up and succeed in the market. It is a joint initiative involving BizMaker, SCA, IBM, and Processum Biorefinery Cluster, leveraging their industry expertise and test environments. Participants gain access to industry specialists, advanced technology platforms, extensive networks, and new collaboration opportunities. Within the program, new solutions are created by cross-fertilizing forestry with digitalization and entrepreneurship. 

Did you know that the Forest Business Accelerator attracts startups from around the globe to Västernorrland, because of the opportunity to leverage the region’s extensive expertise, competence, and experience in the bioeconomy.

Do you want to be a part of an industrial symbiosis?

We have residual streams just waiting to be upcycled, industry sites ready for development and access to renewable energy. Join us in the green transition!

Processum has become the hub of research into the potential of using biorefineries to replace oil products. Here’s a sneak peak into their interesting journey.

“I am impressed by how skilled and committed our employees are. As our brand has gotten stronger and we have started focusing on the issue of climate change, it has become easier to find great new hires. People who are very dedicated to protecting the environment and to advancing biorefining come to us and want to be a part of the business.”

Magnus Hallberg

CEO, RISE Processum