Game Industry

With studios and companies like Mojang and Embracer, the Swedish gaming industry rose to fame and made video games an important Swedish export. With a rich history in game development and focus on equality and diversity, Västernorrland is becoming a sprawling destination for the game developers and designers of tomorrow. Together, let’s shape the future of gaming.

Did you know?


of jobs in the swedish gaming industry are occupied by women in 2023.


the number of new emplyees in the industry during 2021, a 20-percent growth.


of the swedish service export come from the gaming industry.

“I want to inspire more women to dare to choose this creative industry! We are an emerging industry in Västernorrland, and there is great potential for impact. We have a fantastic nature and close to almost everything – if you want to work in a creative business and at the same time maximize your quality of life, this is where to go.”

Hind Toufga

Julicia Studio, Co-founder Mindquest Game

hola folkhögskola

Pioneering education

Hola Folkhögskola is a public school that is at the forefront of education in the independent game development nische, combining creative and business aspects for students. They have a hands-on approach to game design, programming, graphic design, and sound production, taught by seasoned industry professionals.  

Set in the tranquil Prästmon, Hola Folkhögskola is surrounded by forests and the scenic Ångerman River. This integration of nature offers a balance of education and inspiration, making it an ideal place for game developers looking to push the boundaries of their creative and technical skills. 

Mid sweden games

Building an ecosystem

Mid Sweden Games is a gaming cluster aimed at developing and strengthening the gaming industry in Västernorrland. Centered in Sundsvall, it has great access to a local, regional, national, and international network. In addition to an ecosystem of gaming companies, it offers access to a soft landing through BizMakers workspaces, connections to Mid Sweden University, and can help with providing competent capital and business development.  

Our focus is on being responsive and working closely with game companies to continuously capture their needs and opinions. We believe in the power of collaboration and see it as the key to success for the development of the gaming industry in Sundsvall and Västernorrland, says Giselle Abbas, project manager.  


A thriving community for Game Developers 

Set in the scenic area of Nordingrå, the High Coast Game Lab offers a well-designed hub aimed at enhancing creativity and progress. The facility includes comfortable living quarters and ample office spaces, each designed to support innovation. The peaceful countryside setting is complemented by robust coaching and networking opportunities, creating an ideal environment for game developers to succeed. 

This emphasis on community and developmental support positions Kramfors as a center of attraction for gamers and developers. Hosting companies like Aurora Punks, Grey Tower, Zenland, and Duck Tape, the High Coast Game Village is emerging as a significant player in the gaming industry.