The High Coast of Sweden is on the rise for many reasons. Two of them are the dramatic land uplift and the rapid growth of the hospitality industry. If you have seen the mountains rising out of the Baltic, then you have seen the possibilities. If not – welcome to the campfires and the community of a destination top-rated for sustainability!

Let us be your catalyst for sustainable hospitality investments.

“The High Coast has never been as hot as it is right now. Camping and hiking tourism is increasing, and visitors are staying for a record-breaking number of nights. Meanwhile, the proportion of foreign visitors is steadily increasing.”

Mia Karlsson

Former CEO Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling
(The High Coast destination Management organization)

A fast-rising destination

The High Coast of Sweden is one of the country’s fastest- growing destinations. Nature is the foundation of a spectacularly varied outdoor life, which includes an enormous selection of activities, adventures, and events. Today, the High Coast of Sweden is a recognized and award-winning destination for outdoor activities. A large number of our visitors are “active nature lovers”. They have more resources, better education and higher incomes than the average traveler. They also want to travel to a country that reflects their values. Guest nights from international visitors have increased by 87% during the period 2010 to 2016.

Voted the most beautiful place in Sweden, the Swedish High Coast is becoming a hotspot for domestic as well as international tourists — a well-known tourist destination for some; a recently discovered gem for others.

Three airports

The High Coast has three airports, and two more in neighboring regions with international flights. They are all connected with several daily flights to Sweden’s largest international airport, Arlanda.

These airports, combined with connecting trains and buses, provide great accessibility, and create an interesting climate for business and investments.

Exciting flavors
of the High Coast

“We experience constant demand for rooms throughout the year from tourists, conference guests and weekend travelers. There is a huge demand for rooms and we often have to turn down booking requests. Encouraged by this high occupancy rate we want to invest further.”

Björn Norman

Part-owner and Hotel manager at Hotel Hallstaberget