Industrial symbiosis

Are you looking to turn waste into value and operate within the future of the circular industry? In Västernorrland, we integrate sustainable practices with state-of-the-art technology to foster a dynamic business environment. Here, companies collaborate to exchange resources and by-products, unlocking new business opportunities. Together, we’re turning Västernorrland into a leading hub for the industrial operations of tomorrow.

What is an industrial symbiosis?

Industrial symbiosis is a way for different industries to work together by sharing by-products, energy, water, and other resources. This collaboration turns waste from one company into valuable resources for another, just like in natural ecosystems. 

A local example of this is food-tech startup Big Akwa. They tackle the environmental pollution problem of the forest industries by creating a fish farm next to a paper or pulp plant. The fish farm acts as a biofilter, purifying the emissions from the paper or pulp plant, which, in turn, provides essential nutrients to the fish farm. This not only enhances the efficiency of both industries but also contributes to a cleaner marine environment. 

A symbiotic approach cuts down on waste, boosts efficiency, and reduces environmental impact. By promoting a circular economy, industrial symbiosis helps keep resources in use longer, maximizes their value, and ensures they are recovered and regenerated at the end of their life cycle. 

Industrial symbiosis can pave the way for innovation, resource efficiency and the society of the future. Businesses and communities grow green by circularity – turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. We believe this is the key to sustainable business and the industrial landscape of the future. Welcome to the region of Västernorrland.

Do you want to be a part of an industrial symbiosis?

We have residual streams just waiting to be upcycled, industry sites ready for development and access to renewable energy.

Contact us to know more about how we can help you become a part of a bigger ecosystem in an industrial symbiosis.