Here’s the key to the region of Västernorrland

If you have your eye on the Swedish High Coast for your next business venture, we look forward to assisting you with practical solutions as well as helping you conduct relevant research to analyze and survey your opportunities. Our advice and help is always free of charge!

Personal investment advisors

Your personal investment advisor leads you through the decision-making process and provides you with the right facts to help you make an informed investment decision.

Matchmaking with
partners and service providers

We connect you with local authorities, sub-suppliers, legal experts, research partners and other important stakeholders for your establishment.

Customized business cases and market / project analyses

We present you with business cases tailor-made for your needs and visions, built on comprehensive analyses.

Guidance on funding and financial incentives

If you need to find local investment support or are interested in benefitting from our regional incentives, we can provide you with the right contacts.

Site search and visit support

We help you find the best spot for establishing your business and arrange for you to see it.

Reinvestment and business growth service

Already established in the High Coast region? If your business is growing we are ready to help you through your reinvestment process.

Industry and market knowledge

We provide access to the regional clusters and will introduce you to the right networks and business opportunities.

“The people we have worked with exude positive energy, contributing to a wonderful dynamic. I must say that they are doing an excellent and proactive job in attracting companies and investors to the region.”

Samuel Lafforest

Managing Director of Huttopia Northern Europe Countries

Incentives in the region

The region of Västernorrland offers a wealth of financial incentives for investors. A company considering investment in the region can choose to apply for financial support for either investment costs or labor costs.

An amount corresponding to 10–35% of the investment costs or labor costs can be granted.

As an investor in Västernorrland you may also be entitled to
  • Tax relief for key foreign staff
  • Regional transportation grants
  • Discounts for companies with R&D staff.

Advantages of the Swedish business framework

Transparent system

Clear rules for employment and redundancy of employees

Competitive corporate tax framework

Download Business Sweden’s establishment guides

Business Sweden’s establishment guides offer information to international companies on how to set up and run a business in Sweden. The guides are tailor-made for the more established international company wishing to invest in Sweden.

Looking to establish a new business?

The region of Västernorrland offers a wide range of business opportunities, within many different markets, for green industries.