High Coast Investments magazine wins national prize

We are very proud to announce that The High Coast Investment Magazine has won a silver medal in the prestigious Publishing Prize. The magazine, produced in cooperation with local communication agency Devocy, introduces the region and highlights entrepreneurs and investment opportunities throughout the High Coast area.

The Publishing Prize is an annual juried contest for films, websites, newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter in English or Swedish. ”For a message to get across, so much more than good design is required. Therefore the Publishing Prize jury also assesses textual content [and] visual content”, the Publishing Prize states on its website.

This year’s magazine features stories of our region’s future in battery production, its sprawling, global IT businesses, what it is like to live and work here, as well as portraits of local companies and professional profiles.

At High Coast Invest, we are proud of our region and spend every day spreading the word about fantastic business opportunities and supporting the hard-working people that built the powerhouse that we all live in. To win the Publishing Prize communications contest means that out message got through, and that more people and companies get the chance to discover what the High Coast area has to offer.

Don’t miss out on the inspiring, informative, and exciting content that caught the eyes of the jury.


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