International camping giant Huttopia coming to the High Coast of Sweden – “A unique environment”

French company Huttopia, specializing in unique camping experiences on some of the world’s most beautiful places, has settled for the High Coast of Sweden. Huttopia will build and operate a nature camping at famous beach Smitingen, Härnösand.

As established in a 35-year public procurement agreement signed with Härnösand municipality, Huttopia will develop the Smitingen area and include the famous spot in its offering of 90+ campsites in France, USA, Canada and the Netherlands. Smitingen will be Huttopia’s first Scandinavian establishment.

– Huttopia and the High Coast have been a perfect match ever since our first meeting. We are very happy to have helped guiding Huttopia on-site and in the process, and we honestly celebrate that Smitingen will now have a long-term, stable tenant, says Bengt Högberg, senior advisor for hospitality businesses at High Coast Invest.

Since 25 years, Huttopia has been developing its trademark concept of close-to-nature, comfortable lodging in huts and tents made of natural materials. The company is sometimes cited as “the inventors” of glamping, the high-end camping style that has become widely popular in recent years. Sustainability is a key value that is reflected in every aspect of Huttopia’s business.

– We had the chance to make a visit last year in Smitingen, Härnösand and discovering some great locations and landscapes on the High Coast. During this trip we had a 1st click with the location, people who gave us a nice and friendly welcome, and the pure nature we had the chance to discover. Huttopia is looking for unique natural environment to create our campsites and connect people to nature. By Smitingen, we feel the chance to be in a such unique environment, says Samuel Lafforest, managing director for Northern Europe at Huttopia.

Surrounded by natural reserves, and situated right at the Baltic Sea, Smitingen is a very special place. The municipality’s requirements for the development are high and terms apply for the protection of nearby reserves. Huttopia’s idea of sustainable camping matches the requirements very well. The campsite will add value to the area and service to the 100’000 visitors that already come to Smitingen every year.

– Smitingen is a true pearl fo the High Coast, and the new camping will strongly contribute to the local hospitality business, says Mia Karlsson, CEO at Höga Kusten Destinationsutveckling.

More information

Bengt Högberg, senior advisor, High Coast Invest, +46 (0)70 300 87 39


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