Millions to strengthen northern power grid

To meet the demand, Swedish power grid owner Svenska Kraftnät is planning for a €860 million investment into the power grid of northern Sweden. The investment package includes new high-voltage lines connecting some of the most expansive industrial areas of the north.

The company refers specifically to the “new era of industrialization” that is happening, with sustainable industries establishing data centers, battery factories and fossil-free steel production.

The request for renewable energy is expected to increase, and the development will increase capacity with 5000 MW plus allow for an additional 4000 MW of renewable energy production to be connected.

– This means that northern Sweden further strengthens its position as a prime location for energy-intensive industries. The development will cover not only today’s demand, but also future establishments. Energy is a key factor for the green transformation in everything from electrification of transportation to new materials and fuels. We are happy to see that Svenska Kraftnät have identified these needs and plan to fast-forward this development, says Mikael Aamisepp, advisor and CEO at High Coast Invest. 


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