Nanocellulose mastermind Gary Cass: “This couldn’t have happened anywhere else”

Gary Cass is the founder of Cass Materials, a startup that develops new bio-based materials for a wide range of applications. In April 2022, Gary took the leap to move from Perth, Australia, to Örnsköldsvik in the High Coast of Sweden.

He knew from his long experience in experimental nanocellulose applications that our region is a global hub for cellulose research, and so he began looking for partners and support organizations that could help him relocate.

– High Coast Invest certainly has been promoting me and my business, together with BizMaker and RISE Processum, Gary says.

Coming here, he had prototypes for a new superabsorbent nonwowen material. Eight months later, his whole idea has pivoted in a new direction. Experiments based on residual materials from the Domsjö pulp mill have resulted in a new, foam-like material that can be used to replace polystyrene plastics in for example packaging and insulation.

– Gary’s journey and his landing in the High Coast region is a perfect example of how we want to make a difference at High Coast Invest. Together with our network, we can facilitate, find the right partnerships and – in the long run – the right sites for production, says Bengt Högberg, senior investment advisor at High Coast Invest.

Gary Cass is now talking to companies from several industries that are interested in his cellulose foams for different applications. His goal is to establish a Cass Materials production facility in the heart of the cellulose cluster of Örnsköldsvik.

– We are very excited to follow his work, and proud to have helped him find the right partners and facilities here in the High Coast region, says Bengt Högberg. 


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