New organization for a unified business promotion service

Politicians in Västernorrland have opted to create a joint business promotion organization for the whole region. The goal is to strengthen the regional growth promotion services offered in Västernorrland.

– The decision from the regional cooperation council is a historically brave one that will create a stable, long term support structure for business promotion in Västernorrland. An accessible business promotion that makes the most out of people’s enterprise and innovative power is an important competitive advantage, says Glenn Nordlund, chairman of the regional cooperation council.

The decision has its base in the regional development strategy and the prioritization to form a cohesive system for the promotion and financing of business and innovation.

The proposed organization will comprise three areas: business incubation, science park and foreign establishment promotion. This includes the present operations of BizMaker and High Coast Invest. The BizMaker brand will be used for the incubator and science park, and the High Coast Invest brand for foreign establishment promotion. Operations will be carried out by a publically owned company where all municipalities and the regional political administration will have influence.

Better coordination and cooperation

Overall, a common business promotion organization will enhance the coordination of the region’s promotional work and strengthen cooperation with other agencies and organizations in the region.

– Together, we can use resources more efficiently while building a strong foundation for growth by startup development, established businesses, public organizations and by service to global companies. We are happy to see that these business issues are prioritized in the long term, and look forward to being a part of the new organizion, says Mikael Aamisepp, director of investment at High Coast Invest.

– This is unique in Sweden and will contribute to the positioning of Västernorrland in Sweden and in the world. We are positive about the merger and we can see clear synergies and added values that can arise from the new, joint organization, says Matts Nyman, CEO at BizMaker.

The new organization is expected to be operational in August 2023. 


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