RES Renewable plans further hydrogen expansion in Ånge

International renewable energy company RES has bought a 24-hectare industrial area in Ljungaverk, Ånge municipality, and plans to make it the company’s second renewable hydrogen plant in the area.

A town once built upon the access to hydropower and considered “the cradle of Swedish chemical industry”, Ljungaverk ticks all the boxes for RES Renewable.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to be part of Ljungaverk’s exciting new development. It is a historic industrial location with good conditions for new projects. There is close access to grid connection and renewable energy production. It feels symbolic that we get to carry on the innovative history of the area in modern times”, says Sigrid Nord, project manager at RES.

RES aims to build a green production plant with state-of-the art technical solutions, and now enters a phase of intense development.

For High Coast Invest, the deal once again highlights several of the main advantages our region has regarding energy-intensive industries. Available land, freshwater supply, and stable electricity at a competitive price are at the top of the list.

“Green hydrogen is one of the most important ways towards a sustainable energy system, and we are very happy to see RES make the most out of the unique opportunities in Ljungaverk”, says Mikael Aamisepp, Director of Investment at High Coast Invest. 

Foto: Backstr/Wikipedia/CC BY 3.0


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