Sono Group’s visit – a great beginning

Following months of intense contacts, planning, a visit to South Korea and continued dialogue, we were happy to host Sono Group during a visit to the High Coast region in the beginning of November. For three days, the delegation visited a wide range of attractions, and also disclosed plans for a new hotel in Junsele together with local entrepreneurs. 

News of the Junsele project were widely reported, and Sono Group as well as local business partners were very happy to launch their project. The South Korean delegation was impressed by the settings, and immediately began discussing the possibilities.

– Our guests were overwhelmed by the untouched nature and the beauty of the Junsele area, and the interest in the location seemed to grow minute-by-minute, says Bengt Högberg, senior business advisor at High Coast Invest.

Plans in Junsele include a new hotel as well as exclusive bungalows in a unique setting.

Apart from Junsele, the Sono representatives are looking into a wide range of concepts, like outdoor-themed hotels and villages, theme parks and resorts in a number of locations in the High Coast and Sundsvall areas, always in harmony with the surroundings and in cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

The journey also included a tour to Örnsköldsvik, where Sono Group visited the RISE Processum facilites and discovered close connections to its own R&D endeavors into sustainable materials. Two different lodging projects in the Örnsköldsvik area are also under discussion.

Kramfors municipality offered fantastic views and visits to several landmarks, including the High Coast bridge that took our delegation further south.

In Härnösand, the Swedish and South Korean delegations together met the press, answering curious questions about the different business opportunities and projects. A dinner at the Governor’s house followed before departure to the Sundsvall area.

Sundsvall officials offered a packed schedule of both hospitality and industrial business meetings, and hope to find interesting opportunities together with Sono Group.

– We wanted to combine “fun and games”, cultural experiences like a fantastic Lucia parade, with business meetings and a chance to get to know Sundsvall, says Evelina Wahlqvist of Näringslivsbolaget Sundsvall, the local business development agency.

Our highly appreciated guests concluded that a family bond is forming between Sono Group and the crowd of local representatives, businesses and entrepreneurs of the High Coast and Sundsvall regions.

We are happy to sum up three days of showing the best our region has to offer, and to see the resulting business dialogues that we hope will continue and be realized in the coming years. 


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