Welcome to the Green Y22 conference

On October 12th, we at High Coast Invest are happy to host the Green Y 22 meeting, a day focused on investments and the green transformation in Västernorrland. 

Speakers include Jaani Heinonen, Director Global Invest at Business Sweden, and Peter Larsson, Ministry of Enterprise, who will share insights on Sweden’s role in the green transformation and the ongoing big industrial projects of northern Sweden. Governor Berit Högman and vice chancellor Anders Fällström of Mid Sweden University will share regional perspectives on government and university research. 

Topics include:

  • Lessons learned from projects up north 
  • Skellefteå’s winning recipe
  • Skill and education in the region
  • Sustainable communication

Short presentations of trends in our core industries and a panel discussion will bring new additional perspectives on the future of investment in the High Coast region.

Interested? Contact High Coast Invest’s Maja Ulander for more information on the event. 


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