Ready for the Swedish Dream?

On the High Coast of Sweden, happiness, family and high ideals have always been more important than fame and fortune. People from all over the world come to here to live a life where an exciting career can be combined with happy family life and meaningful spare time. 

What is the ‘Swedish Dream’ and where can you find it?

(Presented in partnership with The Local Sweden)

The American Dream is about money, power and status – ‘making it big’. But the Swedish Dream is about happiness, opportunity and living in tune with your ideals – ‘making it golden’. Writer Paul Connolly explains why Sweden’s High Coast is home to the Swedish Dream and how moving there can help you find life’s Swede spot.

Make sure you also discover Swedish fika

You won’t have to spend much time in Sweden before you come across the concept “fika”. Swedes love to fika – and drink nine (!) kilos of coffee per person each year. And they love a bit of baking with their coffee – the combination of the two makes up the concept of “fika”.

A typical cake in Sweden is the Princess Cake, look for the large round green cake in every bakery you pass. But don’t be surprised if you meet someone for a “fika” and there is no coffee or cake involved, “fika” can also mean just spending time together and having a chat.

Check out the hashtag #swedishfika on instagram to get a feel for the phenomenon.

Looking to establish a new business?

The High Coast region offers a wide range of business opportunities, within many different markets, for green industries.